ECON 7020

Macroeconomic Theory II

Dr. Philip Shaw

Dealy Hall, East 522

Phone: 718-817-4048


Office Hours: Monday 2:00pm-3:30pm & Thursday 2:00pm-3:30pm.

Macroeconomics II is focused on the dynamic behavior of households, firms and the aggregate economy. The course consists of three parts. The first part will focus on the theory of consumption behavior and savings at the individual and aggregate level. The second part of the course will investigate overlapping-generations models (OLG) focusing on both endowment and production economies. Finally we will review real business cycle theory and conclude by exploring some relatively recent developments in the formulation and computation of heterogeneous agent models.

The grading for the class breaks down as follows:

Midterm (45%)

Final Exam (45%)

Problem Sets (10%)


Deaton, A. Understanding Consumption. Oxford Press, 1992.

Romer, D. Advanced Macroeconomics. 3rd or 4th edition, McGraw-Hill, 2005.

Wickens, Michael. Macroeconomic Theory. 1st Edition, Princeton University Press,

McCandless and Wallace. Introduction to Dynamic Macroeconomic Theory: An Overlapping Generations Approach. 1st ed., Harvard University Press, 1992.

Problem Sets Posted Below


Course Outline

I. Review of Dynamic Programming

Wickens, 2008. Appendix 15.5

Bellman, R. 1954. "The Theory of Dynamic Programming". RAND Working Paper P-550. Download Here!

II. Theory of Consumption Behavior

A. The Basics

Deaton, 1992. Preface, Chapter 1.
Romer chapter 7.

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B. Implications

Deaton, 1992. Chapter 3.

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C. Consumption Under Uncertainty

Deaton, 1992. Chapter 6.

Carroll, C. 2001. "A Theory of the Consumption Function, with and without Liquidity Constraints". NBER Working paper W9397. Download Here!

D. Consumption Based Asset Pricing

Deaton, 1992. Chapter 2.2.

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III. Overlapping Generations Models

A. Endowment Economies

McCandless and Wallace Chapters 1-3.

Balasko, Y. and Shell, K. 1980 "The Overlapping-Generations Model, I: The Case of Pure Exchange without Money". Journal of Economic Theory, 23, 281-306. Download Here!

Weil, P. 2008. "Overlapping Generations: The First Jubilee". Journal of Economic Perspectives, 22, 115-134. Download Here!

B. Production Economies

McCandless and Wallace Chapters 9.

Romer Chapter 2 part B.

IV. Real Business Cycle Theory and Beyond

A. RBC Models

Wickens Chapter 14

Kydland, Finn and Prescott, Edward, 1982. "Time to Build and Aggregate Fluctuations". Econometrica, 50(6), 1345-70. Download Here!

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B. Heterogeneous Agent Models

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